Pre-flight announcement


Hi. I’m Jon, and I like planes. I’ve always wanted to be an aviator since I was a kid. It started when I was five when we moved from our old apartment to our new house, where planes would always pass overhead moments before landing. The sight and sound of a jet airliner made me thrilled and excited. Since then, my eyes were always looking upward.

My sketch books were filled with scenes of airport activity or planes up in the air. I’ve read several books about planes, and collecting model planes became a hobby. I spent four years of college away from home primarily because I wanted to fly several times a year. I’ve graduated and now I’m looking forward to get on that seat and earn my wings someday.

It’s been several years since the dream started. I hope that this blog may also inspire kids and kids at heart to believe and hang on to their dreams. I’m still at the beginning of the great adventure that lies ahead, and I’m looking forward to share my experiences along the way.

So what are ya waiting for? Welcome aboard! 🙂


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