Planespotting at the Control Tower

Last Saturday, I had the rare opportunity to spot at one of the least common places accessible to spotters — the control tower. I was able to reach the top thanks to Renz, whose uncle works as an air traffic controller.

The Control Tower at Davao

The view from the tower is spectacular. It was such a good thing that the weather turned out to be sunny. One can get a good view of Samal Island, the sea, the buildings that define the city’s emerging skyline and the mountains. And of course, one gets a good view of the apron where the real action is happening.

Blue skies! Great day for spotting 🙂

Lunch Time Activity (PAL A340, CEB A319 and A320)


PAL 812 A340-300

Inside the tower

Mid-afternoon activity (Zest A320, CEB A319 and A320)

Silk Air A320, one of the few international flights from the city

Air Asia A320, the newest carrier in the country

Welcome to Davao 🙂



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7 responses to “Planespotting at the Control Tower

  1. rmbulseco

    Weeeee! Actually fave hangout place ko ang tower kasi ang kukulit lang ng mga officemates ni tito ;))

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